Frequently Asked Questions

We’re not a training provider, but we’ll help you figure out what sort of training and qualifications you need to meet your career goals - and support you to get there.
Getting a great job in the construction industry isn’t just about a piece of paper - but that piece of paper is absolutely essential to you achieving your career goals. We don’t deliver training or issue qualifications, but we do provide the guidance and support you need.
All Bunji candidates are personally vetted by the vastly experienced team of professionals on the Bunji Construction team, who have worked on some of Australia’s most important major infrastructure projects. We’re staking our personal reputations on the reliability and work ethic of the people we work with - the people we send to work with you.

Absolutely. Bunji means ‘mateship’ - and that means jobs for everyone. Women make up only 11% of the industry's total workforce and only 1% of building trades (Master Builders Australia). That means the industry is missing out on the skills and talents of half the population, and Bunji aims to change that.

Supply Nation is Australia’s biggest and most high-profile directory of Indigenous businesses, helping support jobs for Indigenous Australians. It’s the first port of call for Federal Government procurement officers looking for Indigenous businesses to meet their targets under the Indigenous Procurement Policy. It’s also the No. 1 place to go for companies with a Reconciliation Action Plan that includes working towards a more diverse and inclusive workforce.

Bunji is for everyone. We have a particular interest in helping job seekers in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. We also have a particular interest in helping organisations meet their own goals to achieve a more diverse and inclusive workforce, and to meet government obligations in this area.

For example, Reconciliation Action Plans are becoming more common in Australian construction companies. Working with Bunji Construction is one of the steps they can take to act on their vision.

Tier 1 construction companies work on the most significant and complex infrastructure projects in Australia. Their projects are worth billions, with the most experienced workforces, longest durations and highest revenues. For workers, they offer excellent conditions and opportunities for career development

FRP, scaffolding, general labour, rubbish removal, plant operation, demolition, cleaning.

We supply skilled employees on a temporary, contract or permanent basis across a range of role classifications and types.

We’re not a training provider, but we’ll help you figure out which tickets and licences you need to meet your career goals - and support you to get there.