Our Vision

How is Bunji different from other construction service providers?

Personal vetting and complete support

Bunji recruits go through an extensive formal induction process, outlining Bunji’s policies on safety, quality, the environment and more. Recruits also undergo an internal Bunji Construction induction and standard onboarding requirements for the construction industry Once on-site, they’re supported to develop a long and sustainable career in construction, including gaining the training and qualifications they need to upskill and get ahead.

Jobs for Indigenous Australians

Bunji Construction provides opportunities for everyone who wants a career in construction, particularly Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Bunji Managing Director Mark Ella AM founded Bunji as a way of giving back to the community that supported his career transition from Rugby Union to marketing and management.

Already accredited by Supply Nation as a verified Indigenous business, Bunji is committed to First Nations communities.

We work with Aboriginal Land Councils to support Indigenous Australians find careers in the construction industry – with the training and qualifications they need to succeed.

Bunji Construction, Apply for a construction job
Bunji Construction, Our Vision

Experience and relationships

Bunji Construction works only with Tier 1 construction companies on the most significant and complex infrastructure projects in Australia.

The personal relationships we’ve built, and the long experience of our management team, mean we know that delivering complex, high-standard projects on time is contingent on labourers who have a strong work ethic and the appropriate qualifications, tickets and licences.

Schools, Land Councils, sports organisations, community groups

We work with community and sporting organisations to help young people start a career in the construction industry.

We’d be happy to send Managing Director Mark Ella to talk directly to your members, or to your Human Resources team.

Looking to start a career in the construction industry?

Bunji Construction actively seeks candidates with the right attitude and work ethic – not necessarily the most impressive CV. Whether you’re just out of school, leaving the world of professional sport, or looking for a career change, Bunji will guide you through the steps you need to take for a prosperous future in the construction industry – training, accreditation, tickets and licences.